CPA Lake Oswego Oregon

Individual needs require individual strategies.

Personal and business taxes are as unique as the people and businesses themselves. We work closely with our clients to understand their particular needs and make strategies accordingly. Our staff takes a proactive approach, and we closely follow the proposed and existing legislation to know how it will affect their financial goals and offer ongoing guidance. We know that many personal and business taxes are intertwined, and our professionals provide the consolidation of both services to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We provide CPA services for your business with a team of Certified Public Accountants and Tax Accountants who can handle your personal taxes and enhance your refund. At the same time, you can focus on work, family, and other essential things. Simply call to book an appointment, and our team will add you to the schedule.

We look forward to serving you.

ROI Tax is a premier accounting firm located in Lake Oswego, OR, specializing in strategic tax preparation for individuals, families, businesses, rental properties, trusts, and estates. Our business tax and accounting experience covers many market segments, from physician offices to farmers’ fields. We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients.

Hire a Trustworthy CPA

Taxes can seem mind-boggling when you’ve got a complex financial situation, and you want to understand the nitty-gritty of the tax code. Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate this problem alone: Qualified tax professionals at ROI Tax can help you whenever you need it.

We have a team of Certified Public accountants, known as CPAs, who can assist you with preparing your personal tax documentation, help you complete your business taxes and accounting, work with you to make wise financial decisions, and much more.

We’ll make sure you get the most profit from our expertise. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re working with tax professionals with extensive experience in a vast array of industries.

What do we offer?

Our Qualified CPAs assist our clients with several areas of accounting, including tax and accounting audits, financial accounting and reporting, tax preparation and financial planning. Here are the most common ways a CPA can help with your financial needs and taxes:

We assist you with the preparation and filing of tax documents. When you have a complex tax situation, hiring a professional is worthwhile. CPAs at ROI Tax can help you prepare and file your necessary documents and offer advice on maximizing your tax return. Hiring a trustworthy CPA often works to your advantage when your circumstances are complicated and involve a significant amount of work.

We inform you of your tax deduction options and liability. We know how to report your income sources, calculate your tax liability and apply the appropriate credits and deductions.

We can work with IRS personnel and navigate audits on your behalf. Our CPAs know the questions the IRS might ask you, and we understand how to provide the information requested. For an audit, our tax professionals can handle your correspondence. We know which red flags might trigger an IRS audit and how to best avoid them.

We break down your personal and business taxes. We assist you with structuring your business as an S-corp or an LLC and electing to be treated as a C-Corp or establishing a partnership. Our Quickbooks Online Accountants can help keep your business and personal finances separated and understand your tax liability of each.

How can you benefit from us?

Scrutinizing your account options

We can examine your retirement account options – when finalizing how to save for retirement in a tax-smart manner. This remains true, particularly when considering the broad range of investment options your retirement savings can use to grow your nest egg. If you are self-employed, you can utilize more options than an employee, and we’ll make sure you can use your retirement options to the maximum limit. Our CPAs can help you better understand the available options.

Handling your first year as a business owner

At the beginning of a business, you’ll probably be more focused on running the company and making efforts to grow it into a money-making venture. CPAs can assist you in prioritizing your business and financial goals by navigating some administrative tasks, including bookkeeping, budgeting, tax planning, financial accounting and reporting, tax preparation, filing, and much more.

Correcting a tax change from a life event

In a situation when you experience a life event, such as marriage or having a child, your tax situation usually sees a notable change. You might consider hiring a CPA to conform your tax planning to account for this life event. A CPA from ROI Tax can also help you navigate a transaction such as selling your property or suggest how you should navigate a stock option provided by your employer.

Why choose ROI Tax?

Our professional CPAs speak the same language as the IRS, and we can efficiently navigate your communication with the federal agency. We can help you supply the relevant data requested and resolve your problems as painlessly and quickly as possible. Even if the request appears minor, hiring a CPA to know your taxes are done right and to represent you is a smart move.
CPAs at ROI Tax can provide valuable tax advice on preparing your return. We can also offer year-round tax advice. This can save you a significant amount of money and tax time.
You can meet a Certified Management Accountant, Quickbooks Online Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant, or Tax Accountant at ROI Tax during tax time if you have a complex tax situation. You can also consult a CPA before starting a business when you have an intricate financial decision to make.

ROI Tax makes sure that you’re hiring a professional CPA with the strategic vision, financial proficiency, and commitment that will help your company be successful.